Climate Control

Heated                    ♦                    Cooled                     ♦                   Dehumidified                    ♦                    Insulated

insideccpicWhat does Climate Control mean to you? One thing is for sure – it doesn’t mean that the Self Storage industry has taken over controlling the climate.

Climate Controlled storage provides convenient, clean, and comfortable space that protects your furniture, artwork, paintings, electronics, musical instruments, and antiques, just as though they were sitting in your home while you were away.

These temperature controlled spaces do not provide constant internal temperature and humidity.  The goal is to keep the temperature below 85 degrees and above 55 degrees with internal relative humidity at 55% or less.

girlwithboxOur climate controlled spaces are designed to be interior to a building with access to the unit door through a security code controlled door into a five foot wide hallway. The hallways are well lighted, with finished concrete or carpeted with indoor outdoor carpet. There is a staging area at the door to allow you to load your goods into the hallway and organize it inside the building before taking it down the hall on one of the 4-wheel dolly carts provided.

The climate controlled buildings at our Nowata Road Location are constructed using SIPS (Structural Insulated Panel Systems) manufactured by USA Sips, Inc., Bartlesville, Ok. The panels have a continuous mass of high density foam nearly eliminating air movement within the wall and heat loss caused by convective looping of air within the insulation. The SIP panels coupled with a first class air exchange system and dehumidifier brings you the best in Climate Controlled space.

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